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Learn the principles and methods that our team has used for over a decade to develop top-tier professional GPP coaches that are committed to their craft.

The Mission

Group-coaching facilities and environments are utilized by a majority of fitness and health-seekers. Coaches have incredibly high potential to influence both individual and communal health. To do so, coaches must evolve their approach and go "beyond the whiteboard". It's time to develop coaches and gym-owners with a holistic understanding of and commitment to individualize the group coaching model in order to simultaneously serve individuals and maintain the energizing spark of community-fitness.

The Invictus Model

This is the business and coaching model that Invictus has honed over a decade. It requires a highly demanding, yet equally rewarding style of coaching. This model encourages agency and a high level of communication and commitment on behalf of coaches and members.  If you are a coach looking to hone the craft of professional health and performance coaching or are a gym owner interested in running a successful and fulfilling fitness business, we want to work with you.

It's time to elevate group coaching

Learn directly from our Master coaches to hone the principles and methods to coach with
greater impact, effectiveness, and fulfillment. 

What you'll learn from Invictus University

How to Individualize
Group Fitness

There is a magic sweet spot that bridges the gap between group class fitness environments and private 1:1 training. It lies largely in the skill and desire of coaches and gyms to build a "culture of customization." Coaches need the skills to accurately analyze the intention of various programs and balance it with the individual needs of their members. This differentiates good coaches from great ones. 

Coaching the Human and the Athlete

Performance metrics alone do not predict member and client progress, success, or goal-achievement. Who someone is outside of the gym (beyond their job and title) is crucial to guiding them to success over their longterm health journey as well as in the immediate day-to-day training sessions. We'll teach you how to factor in these considerations and how to build this working knowledge of your clients, even when your gym has over 400 members.

Why and How to build Member-centric Gyms

Gyms are a dime-a-dozen. It's not just what you do as coaches that differentiates your service, it's how we do it and how we make members feel. We cover coaching principles and methods used to foster personal connections, create a member-focused experience, and add value for individuals within a group setting.

Developing a coaching eye

Spotting and correcting poor movement is a skill developed over countless reps. Our coaches will share the systems and lessons they've honed over years of coaching reps that they employ to spot and fix poor movement when it occurs. This includes a discussion on the role of motor control, relative strength, and full function around primary areas that when lacking proper range of motion or function, contribute to poor movement execution and compensation.
what does the course look like


Learn from your cohort and Invictus Master Coach over the course of a month.

17+ Modules

Core curriculum that includes written, video and knowledge-check content plus special-topic lectures

Live Discussions

1x/week instructor-led Zoom discussions covering special topics & application


You're not on your own. An Invictus Master coach will guide you through the curriculum.


"Invictus U is an essential course whether you have been coaching for a long period of time or are new to the industry. If you are looking to improve your coaching skills, look no further. I particularly found the sections on dual-track programming, member-centric, tribes, and movement analysis to be useful as well as our discussions on open-ended questions. Having the opportunity to both observe Invictus coaches AND lead class was extremely beneficial. There's nothing like learning through experience.”

Nick DeLong
Washington, DC
"Invictus U was an incredible hands on education experience that pushed my coaching to a deeper level. The Invictus coaches who led IU shared content that was well organized, practical, & digestible. Participants were welcomed and encouraged to authentically share, ask questions, and participate in the large and small group workshops. We even got the opportunity to prepare, coach, & receive constructive feedback as we led a full class at Invictus (with aid of an Invictus coach). I’m so grateful for the experience."

Alex Johnston
Seattle, WA
This content will be pivotal as I build out a new fitness gym. This content has everything needed to technically and inclusively build a coaching culture for long-term fitness not cut-throat competition and comparison. I am thrilled to bring this content to my coaching team and develop a gym culture together of inclusion and intentional coaching. We are very fortunate to have Invictus's years of expertise to build a coaching foundation that is athlete-focused on longevity and their goals for the day. Thank you!

Krystal Peterson
Head Coach, Program Director

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CJ Martin
Owner, Founder
Master Coach
Kirsten Ahrendt
Director of Coach Development
Master Coach
TJ O'Brien
Invictus Mobility Director
Master Coach
Kim McLaughlin
Master Coach
Fritz Nugent
Head Olympic Lifting Coach
Master Coach
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June 10th 2024

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