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Coach's Corner interviews

A primary element of our team's professional development is the everyday interactions we have listening, sharing, and reflecting between staff.

Coach's corner videos are an opportunity for us to share informal and micro learning opportunities that our team discusses

Coach's Corner #1

Kim gives us a deep dive on what to discuss first with clients that have been coming to the gym for a while but still aren't hitting their body composition goals.

Coach's Corner #2

Kirsten & Fritz discuss how to tell clients "no"... and actually have them listen.

Coach's Corner #3

TJ made Kirsten sit on the other side of the room. It got weird. They also talked about how group coaches can increase member-value off the coaching floor.

Coach's Corner #4

Fritz is back. And he wants to talk about creating buy-in with customizations. And why the word "scaling" is banned at Invictus.