Invictus Coaches Week

A 3-1/2 day coaching intensive workshop, filled with opportunities for "coaching reps", learning, and feedback from our team of Master Coaches. Think of this as the "practical lab" where we implement the skills and theories introduced in our online curriculum - Invictus University. From novice to experienced coaches - this week will give you opportunity to experiment, reflect, and grow your coaching skill set.

What happens at Coaches Week?

Coaching Reps & Feedback

Simply put, if you want to be a better coach or incorporate a new skill, you need "coaching reps". It can be difficult to break out of the coaching habits and routines you have at your own facility. During Coaches Week, you'll have opportunities to co-coach and lead-coach full, live classes at our flagship gym in San Diego. You'll focus on implementing focused tactics and techniques in each "rep" - such as effective whiteboard briefs, warm-up construction, "double-duty" coaching decisions, and preventing poor movement. Our team of Master Coaches will be with you to prompt reflection and provide feedback, so you can learn from mistakes and successes. 

Mentoring & Shadowing

A necessary ingredient for growth as a coach is to have a team of people that can share their experience, ideas, and lessons. During this week, you'll shadow a variety of our Master Coaches while they do what they do best - coach. This witness a variety of skills and tactics that our diverse team employs to bring effective and impactful coaching to the floor daily. If you don't have a coach mentor or a team of coaches around you at home, this aspect of Coaches Week is a vital ingredient to inject creativity into your coaching.

Specialty Topic Lectures

When not on the floor, the week will include Q&A sessions and specialty topic lectures covering topics such as:

  • Effective group coaching in specialty classes (Olympics lifting)
  • Breathing & Bracing fundamentals & coaching considerations (1:1 VS group)
  • Mobility integration & individualization
  • Specialty movement integrations for GPP populations
  • Language considerations in client consults
  • Systems for business owners and coach managers

Invictus University Curriculum

When you sign up for Invictus Coaches Week, you also receive the online Invictus University Curriculum with written and video resources. Think of this as the textbook that introduces the principles and methods we will be taking a deeper dive into practical execution of during Coaches Week. 

Learn alongside our team of coaches

Reading about programs and coaching techniques will only get you so far.
To be a better coach, we must coach with a focus,
 incorporate honest reflection, and receive trusted feedback. 

What Coaches Are Saying

This curriculum and being at Invictus helped me to figure out the coaching voice I wanted; Coming home, I am still trying to find the right balance of teaching VS coaching. However, I noticed almost immediately, how many clients were giving me compliments on my coaching. I love the direction I'm headed. I can say confidently that the lessons I learned at Invictus were priceless. 
Teal Montgomery | Coach
Venice, CA

Who should attend?

Coaches Week is open to any coach, gym owner or manager with a growth mindset and desire to learn. The purpose of the week is not to change how you coach or to turn you into a "perfect" coach - there is no such thing; But rather to provide new lenses to evaluate your coaching decisions through so you can bring more value and impact to your community. Both novice and experienced coaches will find value and new ideas from working with our team. It is helpful if participants have had at least 1 year of coaching experience - in group, small-group or private settings. 

Ready to learn with Invictus?

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Future Coaches Week Dates

  • SPRING 2024

  • RUNS 8AM MONDAY - 12pm Thursday
  • sMALL GROUP STRUCTURE - Spots are limited!
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